• sofort einsetzbarer und komfortabler ZFS Storage-Server für iSCSI/FC, NFS und SMB
  • Active Directory Support mit Snaps als Vorherige Version
  • mit einer komfortablen Web-GUI
  • alle Funktionen für ein fortschrittliches NAS oder SAN
  • kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
  • kein Speicherlimit
  • freier Download für End-User

Community add-ons wie z.B.AFP, AMP, Baikal, Proftp, Mediatomb, Owncloud, PHPVirtualbox, Pydio oder Serviio.

  • schnellere GUI durch Background Dienste
  • Support/ Updates auf neueste Versionen oder Fehlerbehebungen
  • Extensions wie komfortables ACL Management, Disk und Echtzeitmonitoring oder Remote Replikation
  • Appliance Diskmap, Security und Tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/ Installation im Kundenauftrag optional
Fordern Sie ein Angebot an.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Basic guides and How To's

Installation and Setup of napp-it appliances, please read them first

The base manual:
How to and setup.pdf

Installation of the napp-it ZFS server as a embedded ESXi virtualized SAN VM
How to setup Napp-In-One  and  HowTo Setup ESXi

Details about napp-it:

How to Setup napp-it on OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris or Linux

Build examples from home to Petabytes build examples.pdf

Intel Optane 900P NVMe, a game changing technology for faster pools slog pool performane.pdf

News, bugs, be up to date, join the follwowing maillists (join them, its important)
Illumos-discuss (archive)
OmniOS discuss

Openinidana dicuss
SmartOS discuss

More docs...

LX Zones in napp-it (new) to run lightweight Linux container under OmniOS

Z-RAID HA Cluster with Pool Failover between two Storage Appliances
This allows a complete Storageserver failure (Pool and Service failover) (under development)

High Performance SMB storage ex for video editing on  OSX and Windows
Performance and principles (up to 600 MB/s - 800MB/s write and read with SMB2 and Jumboframes and some OS tunings)

Benchmarks about number of vdevs, sync-write (ZIL) and SSD only pools

Infos about napp-it scripting, napp-it file structure, modifications or debugging (work in progress)
Advanced User

A video introduction into ZFS and its principles and advantages by Linda Kateley

See also the STH Buyers Guide

Less known Solaris features from Joerg Moellenkamp
Less known Solaris features

More videos
videos about setup

Howto flash LSI SAS controller on EFI boards, ex SuperMicro X9SRH-7TF

How to use USB as a datastore in ESXi 6 (possible option for napp-in-one at home)
you can use the new free ESXi webclient  to create a datastore in ESXI (stop usbarbitrator per CLI)

Oracle Solaris Manuals:

Oracle Solaris 11 manuals

Illumos based systems like OmniOS or OpenIndiana
are quite identical to Oracle Solaris 11 Express (beside encryption)
so you can use the Oracle Docs for Solaris Express 11 and Illumos based systems as a reference.

Download Solaris Express 11 manuals
google or check (downloads are working, links refer to Solaris 11)

Example: Oracle Express 11 manuals
Introducing Solaris 11 Express
First steps with Solaris 11 Express

Archive of complete Solaris 11 Express manuals, use the pdf download link as they refer to the old versions (download them)

How to install mpio on a Windows server

A PDF from T. Geppert (en/de versions): Installation HOWTO en.pdf

Howto install MediaTomb Add-On (Chris) AddOn for napp-it.pdf

About disk failure rates and reliability failures.pdf

Other Guides and Wikis

OmniOS wiki
Openindiana wiki:


About extending napp-it using Perl

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